The Women’s Ultimate Day to Eve Guide: Wow Your Date Every Time

girl traveling by car smiling Innovative Match (IM) clients are ultimate professionals successful, driven, intelligent, and charismatic. But dating can be a second career. Below is our compendium of top tips for flowing from a high-powered workday to a relaxed and romantic evening out.



Schedule 30 minutes post-work and pre-date for personal time. Find a quiet space where you can wind down with calm music and deep breathing exercises. Embrace power poses from Harvards Amy Cuddy to boost your confidence. Envision a successful date.


Torn pantyhose20-30 minutes is all it takes to transform your appearance.  Changing out of corporate wear works wonders in switching your focus from the afternoon’s conference call to date-night anticipation. No need to rush home either! Cashmere dresses under blazers are suitable for the office yet still soft and feminine; alternately, pack an extra blouse and employ statement jewelry to glam your look. Don’t forget, a nylon run is a fashion disaster easily beat; always keep a pair of fresh sheers in your bag. Need outfit inspiration? The IM stylist team has cultivated the freshest looks on Pinterest.

The Office Affair. Woman's foot looking for man's foot under a business table.3. STAND TALL:

Date night is the perfect time to flaunt your favorite heels! Huffington Post cites a study, from the journal Evolution and Human Behavior, which concludes “both males and females judged high heels to be more attractive than flat shoes.” Many women are uncomfortable in heels - wedges and platforms are glam shoes that give height but also a comfy dream evening. Check out our Pinterest for sophisticated styles from Stuart Weitzman, Cole Haan and more, as well as helpful products to keep you dancing the night away.


Embrace simple solutions such as a classic bun or experiment with quick yet beautiful styles. Extensions are a popular fix for execs crunched on time. Pieces by Ken Paves, Raquel Welch, and many other fabulous companies are worth the investment. IM clients on the go also report success with Joan Rivers’ Great Hair Day Fill In Powder for quick root touch ups. Consult a stylist for help shaping and placing extensions and to see which color, length, shape and care regimen are best for you.


5. SPARKLE: iStock_000014275664Small

While subtle works for the office, an evening out is an opportunity to elevate your makeup.  Switch lipstick from work to play and apply it correctly. YouTube has expert tutorials on quick smoky eyes and eyebrow shaping as well as facial contouring, which can alleviate self-consciousness around fine lines or extra weight. Take advantage of Wayne Goss’ videos tailored for the 45+ set. Our stellar clients report great success with facial exercises from folks like Cynthia Rowland, creator of QVC bestseller Facial Magic. Embrace something new like false eyelashes to brighten tired eyes after back-to-back meetings. Above all, people remember a confident smile – prep lips, teeth and breath to make a great impression.


A memorable scent is the way to your date’s heart and will keep you lingering in his or her mind long after you’ve parted for the evening. Samples are easily transported to work in your makeup bag. Wearing a lighter scent is appropriate for work but opt for a heavier perfume in the evening.


When we look our best, we act our best. Men tune into details such as:

1. Hair

2. Lipstick

3. Accessories

4. Confidence

5. Smile

6. Energy

7. Hands

Ladies often ignore un-manicured hands even though it’s easy to travel with a polish in your purse or invest in a gel manicure that can last for weeks with the right care.

Putting your best self forward is worth the time and energy.  Look at your days ahead of you. Will you have your best date or a stressful date if you meet someone this week? Reschedule to a less hectic week if necessary.

free_63292Clothescount8. COLOR COUNTS:

Wardrobe color can effect how you are perceived. Check out these must-read articles to discover what colors in your wardrobe are the most attractive.



When it comes to securing a second date invitation, a positive attitude is key. Nobody wants to date someone from the office according to New York Times bestselling author Rachel Greenwald. Remember who you are, what you want to portray and what you want to achieve.

A great car is made of many parts – a smooth exterior, a beautiful interior, and a reliable engine. On the Romance Highway, flaunt all of your amazing aspects to make a memorable impression and leave your date wanting more.