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Cassie Keim is the perfect tour guide for an adventure on the
“Romance Highway,” her joyful metaphor for finding love when you’re over
50. With nearly three decades of matchmaking experience, Cassie is a wise and
loving friend, sitting on the passenger side, dispensing helpful advice and
firmly, but gently, encouraging us to face our fears and enjoy the journey
on our terms.
— Patrice Tanaka, Chief Joy Officer, Joyful Planet and author, Becoming Ginger Rogers, and co-author, Beat the Curve
If you’re single in this age of “everything connects,” you absolutely need a virtual love hunter to guide you through the romance sites online. And if you’re over 50 (admittedly 50 is the new 30) and shopping for a date, a partner, or a spouse, buy this book, consume it quickly, and start selling (profiles are everything) and browsing (you’ll feel like a kid in an ice cream store). We all see experts in every aspect of our lives and here’s one who can help you find love in this chapter of your life.
— Marian Salzman, trendspotter, author, and CEO, Havas PR North America